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Saturday, December 17, 2011

XMAS Event: Aquiesse Candles Review


Aquiesse is a great company that makes really good smelling candles and diffusers.  I was able to review one of their candles.

I reviewed the Rioja candle.
This candle scent is amazing!
The scent is a mix between flowers and a little bit of citrus.

It's such a perfect scent.  Not strong at all.  This cute little travel tin seems like it will last a long time.  You light it and it instantly smells up the room.  They also make diffusers, which if they are anything like the candles, they are going to last a long time and smell up the entire room!

I love this candle!  I'm now on the look out at any local stores that carry these.  If I can't find them locally, I will head to one the many websites that carry them.

Theses candles will be perfect for any occasion!  The travel tins, make for perfect stocking stuffers.

If you are looking for the stores that carry these products, here is the list:
AQUIESSE Aesthetic Scents™ are available through the following retailers: 

Ambrosia Candles ~ www.ambrosiacandles.com 
Arcadia NYC ~ www.arcadianyc.com 
Bloomingdales ~ www.bloomingdales.com 
Candle Delirium ~ www.candledelirium.com 
Candle Luxury ~ www.candleluxury.com 
Candles Off Main ~ www.candlesoffmain.com 
Planet Beauty ~ www.planetbeauty.com 
Scents and Sprays ~ www.scentsandsprays.com 
Zanadia ~ www.zanadia.com 
ZGO Store ~ www.zgostore.com

You can find Aquiesse in a couple different spots:

Thank you Aquiesse!!

*I received this candle in exchange for my complete and honest review.  The opinions I expressed here are my own.  I was not financially compensated for this review.*

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