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Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Confessional

Head on over to High-Heeled Love and link up with Friday confessional!!  This is my first Friday Confessional!!

I confess... this week has been so busy!  I'm trying to get everything all caught up before I go on leave for 2 weeks, and honestly I just don't have the motivation!  I keep putting this off and am planning to do the stuff the weekend at home unpaid. Argh!!  Oh, well.

I confess... I'm so over meetings at work...I attended a strategic planning meeting last night.  I drove an hour away for it and it was at 6pm!  I finally was able to fall asleep about 1 and got right back up at 5:45am today and went to work!

I confess... I'm nervous about getting my tonsils out.  Not super nervous, but nervous nonetheless. I know it will go 100% OK, but still nervous about the healing process.

I confess... I'm SUPER excited for my mom to fly in on the 25th and spent 6 days with me!!  I miss her tons!!

I confess... I'm irritated with fake people!

I confess... I'm doing this on sleeping pills at 10pm and I'm so tired from the lack of sleep that the sleeping pills are kicking my ass but I don't want to go to bed just yet...

I confess... I feel super bad about the stray cats around my apartment.  Scott and I have been leaving food outside for them and I threw a blanket out there for them!!  They piss Yoshi off, but they're so hungry!!

OK, I think that's it for Friday Confessional!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Upcoming blog posts!!

I'm currently working on getting a list together of all the blog posts that I want to post about!!  But, for now here are some that you will be seeing soon!!

-Getting my tonsils taken out at age 30!
-What is the dollar dance?  Many people have asked me what this is.
-Recipes for some meals I have made and made and made because they were so good!
-Adjusting to Lansing
-Random thoughts-- Might be a bullet post
-Moms trip to Lansing and our early Thanksgiving/Christmas

These are just a few for now!!
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